Burn After Writing

    Mar 21, 2023

    I think I've experimented with just about every method imaginable for organizing my writing. Recent trends point me towards zettelkastens, backlinks, and other, less savory terms like "second...

    Anatomy of a Screenplay

    Feb 11, 2023

    Here are some notes I took during An Introduction to Screenwriting. The course breaks down the standard film screenplay format and helps conceptualize the process of writing one yourself. The...

    Nostalgia for the Early Web

    Feb 6, 2023

    Although it was a bit before my time I still have nostalgia for the early web. You know, that time when everyone still used rainbow marquees and site-visit counters. Sure, the early web was ugly...

    Emacs 29 Quick Start

    Jan 18, 2023 emacs

    The no-nonsense guide to getting started with Emacs. By the end of this guide you'll have Emacs 29 configured with better default settings, IDE features like code-completion and LSP support, and much...

    Case Study: Zach Gage

    Jan 15, 2023 gamedev

    Lately I've been playing a ton of Knotwords, an intensely clever puzzle game that is conceptually distinct from crossword puzzles but rides some of the same highs and lows. The game was created by...

    Advent of Code with Common Lisp

    Dec 19, 2022 lisp

    One observation I've had working through Advent of Code with Common Lisp is that the LOOP macro is an absolute powerhouse. When first learning Common Lisp, it's common to hear that the language is...

    Why not Doom Emacs?

    Nov 12, 2022 emacs

    The thing I credit most for sticking with Emacs after several failed attempts is building my own configuration from scratch. Not only was the project easier than expected, it left me with the...

    LSP with Emacs 29

    Oct 29, 2022 emacs

    Eglot, an Emacs package that integrates the language server protocol (LSP) into Emacs, was just merged into Emacs main. It joins tree-sitter and use-package as another reason to be excited about the...

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